Carbon Steel Pump

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Carbon Steel Pump. Carbon steel is also known as low alloy steel. It is made of a mixture of iron and carbon. There are many grades of carbon steel, depending on how much carbon is present. These range from mild to medium-high to ultra-high carbon steel. The harder the valve material is, the higher its carbon content. The material becomes more hard as it loses its malleability and ductility. Carbon steel of the medium and mild ranges is malleable, and can be tailored to specific applications. Many industrial applications use carbon steel, including hydraulic-based processes and chemical and power plants. Carbon steel valves are used in hydraulic-based applications due to their resistance to water and other liquids. It is high in carbon, which makes it stronger and more durable. Carbon steel valves are ideal for industrial applications where high pressure is applied due to their outstanding impact value and tensile strength. Carbon steel valves are less chromium-rich than stainless steel valves. This makes them more susceptible to rusting, corrosion and discoloration. Carbon steel valves can be more affordable than stainless steel. Carbon steel valves are an economical option if the process doesn't require high corrosion resistance.
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