Aluminium Alloy Pump

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The mechanical pump system is used to circulate molten aluminum inside a furnace. It also transfers the liquid aluminium from one furnace to another. Each type of pump is available in a variety of sizes depending on the customer's needs, including melting rates and holding capacities. Pumps for Circulation These pumps circulate molten steel in stack melter and reverberatory furnaces. The circulation of molten is accomplished by circulating the metal beneath currents that are not harmful to the bath's molten top. These pumps serve the primary purpose of providing forced convectional heat exchange in the molten bath. An additional important function is to provide mass circulation to facilitate alloy metallurgical homogenization.Gas-injection Circulation PumpsThese types of pumps also operate under the same principles of standard circulation pumps. They offer the added benefit of being able to inject inert or reactive gases to degass, remove alkali metals, and to get floating inclusions out. Transfer pumps After the aluminum alloy has been melted in a melting furnace, it must be transferred to another operation within the casting process. The transfer technique that uses a transfer pump allows the pump to remain in the furnace and be activated when metal delivery is needed. For discharge to the end-use point, liquid metal is pumped over the furnace's liquid metal line. There are two types of transfer pumps: overflow and conventional. There are some key benefits to transfer pumps over other transferring methods such as tilting furnaces or tap blocks.
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